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She has a freedom that extends past her limbs, electric and mesmerizing BRAVO.TV

Amber Joy Rava is a self made dancing inferno Miami Herald News, cover story.


Deeply connected to the sounds of nature and music since I was a child. At the age of three I started studying dance. Feeling such freedom in movement i was dancing all the time, everywhere. One day a stranger shared, “Thank you little one, I can feel the music when you dance”. With that little spark of recognition, I realized my feeling was real, it wasn’t only my imagination, I was expressing universal rhythm. Charmed by the mysteries, symbolism, magic and natural healing. Becoming a certified Yoga Teacher in 2001, this was also the same year I first heard the mystic call to carry the sacred flame, this potent tantric practice has illuminated my life practice. Such a unique deep connection with fire arose spontaneously as my lifes’ natural work.


The divine art of Celebration* Welcome to my Ring of Fire.

Performance History By early 2002, I was invited to perform for Cirque du Soleil by Circo de Bakuza. This would mark the beginning of my long distance travels as a performing artist for prestigious events worldwide. Suddenly, I was creating choreographies for large events including the 5th Annual Dubai film festival, jetting off on performance tours and sharing my gifts of movement medicine for  healing retreats. In the spring of 2005, spiritual leader Kiah Keya invited me to teach healing dance & yoga deep in the Brazilian forest of Chapada Veadeiros, a magical plato of Quarz crystals. With unique invitations my workshops, classes and private lessons grew steadily throughout the globe. Excited by the positive response of my work, I felt compelled to structure a flow of self-rebirthing through rhythmic breathing, vibrationalsounding and exotic movements called Dancing the Divine. It was around this time in 2007 that I was asked to become a natural birth doula which also became my introduction to India. My new role as Dancing Doula was the perfect next step for me, allowing me to bring together all of my tools of transformation & support the magic of creation / natural child birth. Dancing Doula body wisdom practice, touches all aspects of the dance of life naturally opening & realizing profound ecstatic release. These profound experiences have had great effect on my dance & teaching style.  Artist in Residency While in India I received an invitation to create large cultural shows in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Living and dancing with a matriarch’ gypsy tribe / family, Sayari Roots of Gypsy. For three years we exchanged our love for the arts, and created memorable shows that are still requested for weddings and private events today. They’re a tribe of original Sapera; Kalbelia dancers & musicians. We were very different culturally though, our art became a rainbow bridge inspiring sweet connections and  exciting experiences, demonstrating the great beauty & value of true cultural exchange. My time spent there would lead to a powerful dream of establishing dance schools for all women everywhere, with especial attention offered in underprivileged communities. T’was a ground-breaking achievement! the inauguration of my first school of dance, Temple of Dance “Templo de Dança” in 2013 Alto Paraiso Brazil. Artistic Directing & Designing Fashion Throughout the years I’ve created one-of-a-kind couture fashion for my own shows, artist friends, and individuals seeking to dress their unique avatar and transform themselves with my personalized designs. My costume design has included large scale events such as the Cirque du Soleil Winter Music Conference circa 2005 and outfitting many Gypset” Brides and Grooms for their fantasy destination weddings. My passion for designing and creating has also birthed my own fashion collection, “Children of Intuition”, which is comprised of organic textiles, Fair Trade, and recycled materials. My creations are sold online, as well as in my two ateliers. One located in Alto Paraiso, Goias & the other Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil. Experience pollenates us, delicately  weaving us into the tapestry of all life. I choose to dance, live, create and share my love; expressing  joyful magical worlds that expand light consciousness within this mysterious school of life.                                                                  

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