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Children of Intuition Collection


“intuition is seeing with the soul”


“Silent, listening to our inner most pure vibrations, the source of all creation.

Lighting up our lives with synchronicities, bright awarenesses,  

a childlike nature of perceptivity that guide us in the path of divinity.”

We are The Children of Intuition.



“Primordial images; Psycho-physical patterns existing in the universe ” Jung

“We take risks when we enter the mythical realm.” Roberto Calasso

“Path of wisdom through the phenomena of life,” Paul Christian

“Primordial images; Psycho-physical patterns existing in the universe ” Jung

“Shape Shifting to reveal our earthly mission.” Amber Joy Rava 


 Our core archetypes ~ Metamorphosis in action   


The Innocent;

soft, trusting, open, inexperienced, pensive, calm, slow to act 


The Dakini;

She excepted the call to adventure, clever, sensual, provocative.



The Priestess;

Trained in natural healing and spiritual arts, creator of rituals, reader of symbols.

The Priestess has an inborn sense of responsibility and ability to respond.



The Moon Mother;

All knowing teacher of timeless wisdom, community leader,

she makes a bridge between super natural and natural worlds.



As you define & redefine your metaphors, you enchant yourself, you attract a new persona myth or new twists on old ones.

To change, you dont have to change your life directly, only what you tell yourself. Imagine yourself in new ways & revision your possibilities. 

Roberto Calasso


“Do not live your life logically, live it mythologically.”

Guru Singh


   dance through the archetypes as rivers flow into the ocean …  




Men & Women     


Organic Bambu Lingerie

Cultivating Sacred Sexuality is the heart of our first collection. Adorning intimates with cosmic symbology, animal totems, Sacred geometry, and inspired prints by Carlito Dalceggio

“Alegria and Spontanious Levitation”




Pop-up Productions; India, NYC, Brazil



Beauty makeovers’ For seekers of all ages. Tools for connecting your inner beauty to your outer appearance, helping people by teaching them how to design themselves using physical posture, movement (body language), personal goals, archetypical clothing development, very indepth study of potential, etc…

“Her ability to see the treasure within an individual and effectively seduce that beauty outward. That is a true gift and service.”

(makeover client)


I create one.of.a.kind fantasies for private clients beyond boarders.

Made to order! 

We dream together then i create through conversation, discovering archetypical connections new life directions, drawings, measurements.  













 Unique projects are welcome; Weddings, Specialized character development, Themed costume / Set design & Production, Private label collections, Sample design, Pattern making. 


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