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Amber Joy Rava


She has a freedom that extends past her limbs. “Electric” Invoking authentic stories, profound mirrors of highly spiritual, deeply natural realms. She effortlessly expresses a soulfull intensity thats stirring, and her ability to provoke & charm is well known and sort after. She dances other worldly threads of consciousness. Sharing a poetic, long lasting feeling of her hearts passion.



“Mysterious & delicate her presences is sweet grace”

“When I watch Amber dance it makes me want to be

a better person”  

“For those with an open heart that can feel

Amber’s light’ her dance will inspire you to empower your own life with passion.”

“She dances the cosmic mudra, revealing keys as tiny factals. timeless jewels cascading from

her finger tips.”

(audience members)



With many invitations to travel & share her passion

of dance, ritual drama and ancient theater.

She has performed in Temples, Palaces,

Grand Halls also on international stages with

Cirque du Soleil,

Circo de Bakuza, Cirque Eloize to name a few.



As a visual story teller; esoteric arts offer her limitless

stimulation, stretching her physical potential for

connecting our cosmic cords to the source.

 Weaving practices of alchemical transference,

layering potent

ancestral memories, and hyper.dimensional veil

burning to clean the essencial channel and receive with hightened clarity and unity consciousness that

which is a constant spiraling guide for Amber as her

intuition & direction has broadened from Soloist

Performance artist to choreographer… dancer

teacher… birth & death Dula to spiritual muse;

guiding / helping clients live the life they dream of as

she has done in her own life.




Protest Activations

“we are the ones we have been waiting for”

there are alot of ways to stand up,

for what you believe in; in protection, as a voice for the voiceless, as friend. As an artist Amber is inspired to use art as a healing tool and be present for some big moments in defense of mother nature and her human children.


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