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She has a freedom that extends past her limbs. Electric and mesmerizing!
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I've been connected to sounds & movements of nature since I was a child. I felt such freedom in movement, that I danced all the time everywhere.At the age of three I had my first ballet dance.

One day a stranger shared, “Thank you little one, I can feel the music when you dance!" 

That tiny spark of recognition made me realize my connection to movement wasn't only my imagination; I was expressing universal rhythm and others connected with its freedom!



Charmed by the magic of Movement Therapy & Natural Holistic Healing, I became a certified Yoga Teacher and Reflexologist from the New York Open School.

2002 - 2004:

My invitation to perform for Cirque du Soleil by Circo de Bakuza marked the beginning as a performing artist for worldwide prestigious events. My choreography career includes the 5th Annual Dubai film festival, performance tours and healing retreats.

2005 - 2006:

I taught dance and yoga deep in the Brazilian forest of Chapada Veadeiros for spiritual leader, Kiah Keya. After receiving a strong positive response to my work, I structured a flow of self-rebirthing through rhythmic breathing, vibrational sounding and exotic movements called Dancing the Divine.

2007 - 2010:

As a natural Birth Doula in India, I married my tools of transformation & support to celebrate the magic of creation/natural child birth.

Dancing Doula, a body wisdom practice, touches all aspects of the dance of life to naturally open & realize profound ecstatic release.  

2010 - 2013:

While in India I lived and danced with a matriarch gypsy tribe of original Sapera, Kalbelia dancers & musicians, Sayari Roots of Gypsy. We created large cultural shows in Udaipur, Rajasthan, shows that are still requested for weddings and private events to this day.  

My time spent there would lead to a powerful dream of establishing dance schools for all women everywhere with especial attention offered in underprivileged communities.  

2013 - Today:

I celebrated the inauguration of my first school of dance, Temple of Dance,(Templo de Dança) in Alto Paraiso, Brazil where I continue to offer classes, doula services, retreats and more.






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