We help humans tap the energetic essence of authentic expression,

all people ‘Dancing the Divine’ together,




Embodiment is our Sacred GifT


EST. 2013 

Our intention is clear, we love to support the openings, ah ha moments, those lucid creative natural expressions of grace & truth that connect us more deeply to our selves, our bodies, our hearts and our earthly missions.

Dance is a door, that goes within… Conscious rituals of movement, experienced dancers, beginners, adults, children or seniors learn new tools of transformation at any stage.

Our School of Dance sits on 1,600 mts formed of solid quartz crystal in Alto Paraiso, Goias, Brazil. One of the 10 wonders of Brazil, this fertile little psychedelic town is a nationally preserved biome. World renown for its abundant ecotourism springing over 250 waterfalls & an advanced natural healing from our crystals, offering alone profound spiritual cleansing, as well as a vibrant electic community.

We intentionally designed the structure, a dancers dream come true… 

All measurements based on the synergistic principles of sacred geometry.

One of the first things you will notice is the altar of our sacred space, a cosmic star above your head. A geometrical center piece & one of the keys to our alignment. Known as the Star of Isis, representing the divine feminine. The planet Venus, dances the shape of a 5 pointed star across the sky, this cosmic display takes 8 years to complete, when its complete the movement has created a perfect pattern of a star across the sky.

This cosmic dance is our inspiration.




Programs in creative movement establish strength and grace, improved flexibility & fluidity. Our dance instructors are professionally trained - some are certified in specific movement and dance styles, others have inventive skills, and all are enthusiastically ready to serve you.

We invite people of all ages to explore, and surrender to the natural

rhythms of life & creativity through self love & respect.

Our greatest Joy is sharing sacred space, breathing together, trance dancing in pure celebration. Life is a dance, and the sooner we experience the flow, the happier we will all be!


Private Lessons  

  • Private Instruction

  • Personal Introspection  

  • Goal Setting

One on one lessons are a great way to get individualized private instruction for therapeutic Dance, Yoga, Breathe ‘Pranayama’, Performance Training, and Visionary Life Planning. All aligned to be in tune with your current needs, overall wellbeing and uplifting. Often students have a goal in mind and other times a path is discovered as the work begins. 



Aerial Yoga & Circus lessons  


  • Flexibility

  • Extended Range of Motion

  • Centered Self


Aerial Yoga is a powerful and fun way to hone your balance both internally and externally. As we strengthen our muscles and minds to be still in challenging postures, we become more mindful of our own ability to withstand peace and strength in any circumstance. 




Dancing Doula Birthing coach

  • Transcend Labor 

  • Intuitive Movement

  • Orgasmic Birth


Dance is a powerful tool to help women before entering the gateway of birth. It bridges the gap between the primal brain (which knows how to give birth) and the modern woman (who may need to be reminded of her instinctual capacity) assisting her to reclaim her most basic and inherent right as the Deliverer of Life, “Goddess”. Tantric love techniques, circle breathing, etc. are ancient tools of transformation, that all cradle the process of creation. Doula Dance beckons a woman to stand in the light of her truth and feel her conscious presence within her birthing body. Our work is to honor natural wisdom and dedicate ourselves to pursue the goal Orgasmic Birth.  




doula shoot.jpg

Dancing the Divine Nature Retreats

  • Explore

  • Awaken Self

  • Invite Healing

Our retreats are designed to explore the multidimensional aspects of natural trance states, the intuitive grace of mystical movement. Together remembering and awakening the inherent beauty of dance as a healing modality. Participants learn to channel their own authentic ritualistic dance and yogic practice. 



  • Embrace Your Inner Goddess

  • Create Family Treasures

  • Preserve Memories


Together we create magical images which will become golden memories to remain treasured far into the future as family heirlooms.

Original handmade costuming inspired by the unique personality and archetype of our mother to be. Whole families are also welcome to preserve forever this enchanted blooming of new life! 





My experience with Amber was much greater than an exchange of student and teacher. It was a long journey into my being where I could wake up a lot of things that were erased, and others that I did not even know existed. I had a deep contact with my sacred feminine, I acceded to my inner serpent, empowered my strength. The classes were always incredible. In addition to an impeccable technique, Amber also has a kindness with her students that turns her class into a fun and beautiful collective therapy. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to exchange with this unique artist and woman. I carry the teachings with a lot of affection inside my heart, and undoubtedly, within my art and creation there is much of what was passed to me by this teacher. I hope to be able to cross the path of this being in my life many times still, because she helped me find in me the woman who is capable of surpassing herself, of recognizing herself and respecting herself. Only love and gratitude! A work of light and healing!
— Made Chebabi
I met Amber Joy Rava backstage at a Cirque du Soleil event in NYC where she was performing in 2002 and we connected on the spot. I was mesmerized by her grace and we started a sweet sisterhood in sync with our inspiration by the sacred element of fire a few years later when I found out I was pregnant, and a single mother from the start, I had an intuition that of all my friends, Amber should be the one to help me bring this child into the world .Naturally, it was a perfect choice and from there started my pregnancy journey alongside my Doula who truly helped make the birth of my daughter Lilaya on 1st January 2007, a true blessing! It was a water birth in Goa, India. Amber held space all along and is also my daughter’s Godmother whom she calls DoulaMa. A true success story and a very grateful mother of an 11 year old healthy happy child!
— Sahar Farman
Dear Amber, I’m so happy to have this memory of my pregnancy. All the deep work I did with you, breathing and moving! It totally changed the connection to my body, and to my self. Your doula dancing gave me the tools & permission to feel like a true goddess. Thank you!
— Maya Baroz Shalev